Love Of My Lips!

Hey everyone!

So today, my lips wanted to share the love of their life. ha!! It’s all the BABY LIPS!! Let’s get going.

There’s a crazy amount of variety in this range, simple balms, iglossy, tinted you name it, they got it!! and obviously the price differs accordingly. I swear by this product. I have tried many many balms in the past and no other could help me but I finally gave this one a try and I am so happy that I did.

  • The one I have is a simple lip balm, no gloss or color to it. I got it for INR100 to 4grams of the product. it took me a month approximately to finish it, given that I apply 3-4 times daily because mah lips be crazzzzzy!!


  • It is named “Anti-Oxidant Berry” but doesn’t smell like berry though!


  • Has SPF of 20 which is so great for summer. In India, summers are hawt AF!!


  • Before this, I bought another one which had a bit of shimmer and color to it but I don’t like that. So, I ditched that one and got this one. I am not saying that the red one is not good but I felt like it was heavy on lips and also I don’t like shiny lips on me. CHOICES!


Disclaimer: Not A Sponsored Post.

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Thanks for reading!



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