Crown Them Hair!

Hola loves ♥

How are y’all doing? Well, I hope good 🙂 So, as the sun is shining too damn bright and it’s so hot, no matter how much I try, rocking my hair open can’t happen 😦

Today, I was feeling lil fancy and wanted to do some different from the usual top knot or side braid that I do. And since we all are queens, we gotta have crowns, right ladies? ha!!

I did a crown braid today! I kept my face very subtle, just a little bit of blush, eye shadow, and pink lips :*

This is how it turned out:



Thanks for reading! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Crown Them Hair!

  1. Oh wow ! It looks so good .
    If you feel like talking about Henna on your blog let me know. I want all of your secrets haha

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