2 Go-To Breakfast

Hitting snoozes non-stop followed by a messed up morning, I seriously can’t relate more hehe!! However, I get morning hunger and thus I can’t take on the day without breakfast.

So, I wanted to share my 2 super quick breakfast that I love. Now, I am no cooking expert and thus I can’t say how healthy these are but they are very fulfilling and tasty too. 😀

  • Bread-Buttermilk: I toast some bread and eat them with plain butter milk. I love crunchy bread and it takes less than 2mins to make.


  • Wheat Grains: For this, I Pour some wheat grains in water and keep it overnight. In the morning, Boil them and that’s it. I also like to add boiled grams, you can add any boiled beans of your choice. To add taste, I add lemon, salt, and black pepper. I absolutely love the taste and it’s also healthy.


These were my fav super-quick breakfast ideas. I hope you enjoyed. Connect with me on my social media, I will link them below.

Thank for reading! 🙂



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