On Paper II

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are doing fine.

I love sketching, it brings me peace and so, I wanted to start ON PAPER series on my blog in which I will share my drawings with you guys. I am so excited πŸ˜€
I did a similar post back in the days, if you want to see my other sketches, click On Paper . In the first one, I shared fashion and hair related sketches. But, today I have two of my favorite ZENTANGLE drawing.
A friend of mine introduced me to this art form. It’s a method of creating beautiful images using repetetive patterns. This is so much fun to make and actually de-stresses me.

Have a look:

  1. In this one, the hair is the main and only focus. It is filled with playful patterns and colors.
  2. Β This sketch revolves around the sign of a music note. The note is left empty while rest of the space is filled with different patterns which drives all the attention on the note.

I like the first one more, it just looks more fun to me. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Diclaimer: The designs are not mine, I saw them on pinterest and recreated them.

That’s it for today, I hope you liked it. If anyone of you sketch, I would love to see your work too. Tag me on insta or twitter. I will link my social media below.
See you guys in next post.
Till then, take care and SLAY!



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