How To Grow Long Hair-Indian Way

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In today’s post, I want to share the Indian remedy to increase hair growth and have long and shiny hair. So, I have a DIY hair mask for you. My mom used this and she had amazing hair. I saw her old pictures and I was like-wow, my hair is trash,lol 😛

This hair mask contains three ingredients- Shikakai, Reetha, and Amla.
I use them as they are but you can also use their powder which makes the process a lot less messy.
Shikakai increases hair growth and adds shine to the hair.
Reetha has cleansing properties. It keeps the scalp clean and healthy for better growth.
Amla adds dark color and shine to the hair.


How to make the mask– Soak all three of them overnight and blend it in the morning. The blended mixture is like foam because of reetha.


Use– Apply the blended mixture in your hair, mainly scalp. Wait till it dries completely and wash your hair with water, massaging the whole time. Massaging makes the difference.
You need not use shampoo but if you feel your hair is not completely clean, you can. I don’t use shampoo whenever I use this mask.

I use this once a week and I have seen the difference in my hair. It’s more shiny, strong and just overall healthy.
You can buy the powder form here- Shikakai Reetha Amla

However, to have healthy looking hair, we need to take regular care of them. I did a post about hair care, check it out- 5 Secrets To Healthy Hair




That’s it for today. I hope this helps.
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